Jaroslav HRUSTALENKO - Ceramic Art



Jaroslav Hrustalenko is a British-based artist with over 22 years of international experience in teaching, designing and making art ceramics.

Developing and maintaining a distinct individual style is essential for any artist in order to gain recognition over the crowd of others. Unlike the majority, Jaroslav Hrustalenko managed to find himself in a number of rather than in just one way of creative self-expression, pursuing – respectively – several completely different styles, featuring so diverse ranges of work that one probably wouldn’t tell these have been made by the same person.

Breadth of interests, cross-disciplinary approach, extraordinary passion and patience are but the key features common to all of his works, inspired by musical harmonies, tango dance moves, anthropology, geology and petrography as well as non-oxide chemistry, flowers and oriental cooking – to name just a few sources…

Over the years of research and practice Jaroslav Hrustalenko has made and published a number of striking technical inventions that enable entirely new ways of working with clay and creative interpreting of our abundant cultural heritage.


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